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Abrahams Seed Chris Fife

Abrahams Seed

Chris Fife

Published August 3rd 2013
ISBN : 9781491271896
216 pages
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 About the Book 

The conflict in the Middle East with Jews and Palestinians has been going on for nearly one hundred years since the concept of having an independent Jewish state. But this conflict has its origins thousands of years ago when Abraham had two sons Ishmael the oldest born to Hagar his wifes handmade, and Isaac born of his wife Sarah. It started when Sarah told Abraham to banish Ishmael and Hagar from their home. Ishmael was the father of the nations of Arabs who occupied the area of Palestine. Isaac was the father of the Hebrew nation who returned from Egypt after years of servitude to reclaim their land from Ishmaels decedents. This conflict has gone back and forth for thousands of years, and has recently seen a renewed effort to control the land. Abrahams seed goes back and forth from the stories of Abraham and his sons to a modern story of two friends. It suggests that there can be hope for peace in Israel. If Ishmael and Isaac were able to find peace and love as brothers, then their posterity can also find that same peace and love for each other.