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The Mao Circle (Chinese Circles, #3) Tony   Henderson

The Mao Circle (Chinese Circles, #3)

Tony Henderson

Kindle Edition
313 pages
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 About the Book 

The Mao Circle is the third novel in the Chinese Circles series, which takes the surviving characters from The Hong Kong Circle up to the next challenge to face the tiny colony – the riots of 1967 which almost destroy it.The Hong Kong economy began to recover from the ravages of WWII, fuelled by the acumen and enterprise of the Chinese and expatriate businessmen, coupled with a cheap and abundant workforce eager to escape communism and settle in the Colony.My characters from the earlier novels are again woven into actual events. The Guest Group continue to thrive as one of the leading hongs. Josephs Sung triads become even more powerful as they seize control of the drugs trade. Adrian pits himself against the triads and the rioters and discovers the depth of corruption within the Hong Kong Police force. A new character, Yan Ho, living near Shanghai, was eight when Mao took over in 1949, and we trace his traumatic life growing up under the communist Maoist regime.In China, matters deteriorate as Mao begins a number of ill-thought out campaigns. In the Great Leap Forward, he tries to modernise agriculture practices and create his own industrial revolution. Undeterred by catastrophic failure, and with nobody daring to stand against him, Mao launches his infamous Cultural Revolution, destroying much of Chinas historical heritage.Hong Kong continues to prosper, despite the chaos experienced by its huge neighbour. But then the Red Guards, with their little red books effectively wrest nearby Macau from Portuguese control, and immediately set their eyes on Hong Kong. Civil unrest, riots and bombings then threaten the stability of the colony, and put its very future in jeopardy once again.Historians still argue the actual numbers dying from famine or persecution in China by Maos various campaigns. Estimates range from 45 to 70 million. Whatever the true number, it means Mao was the biggest mass murderer in history, far exceeding Hitler and even Stalin.