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Western: 86 Western Classics Zane Grey

Western: 86 Western Classics

Zane Grey

Published March 31st 2011
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 About the Book 

A comprehensive collection of 86 classic westerns with an active table of contents to make it easy to quickly find the book you are looking for.Works and authors include:Cattle BrandsA Collection of Western Camp-fire storiesThe Log of a CowboyA Narrative of the Old Trail DaysThe OutletReed Anthony, Cowman A Texas MatchmakerWells Brothers The Young Cattle KingsThe BarrierGoing SomeHeart of the SunsetLaughing Bill Hyde and Other StoriesPardnersCabin FeverCasey RyanChip, of the Flying UCow-CountryThe Flying U RanchThe Flying Us Last StandGood IndianThe GringosThe Happy FamilyThe Heritage of the SiouxHer Prairie KnightJean of the Lazy ALonesome LandBlack JackBull HunterGunmans ReckoningHarriganThe Night HorsemanThe Rangeland AvengerRiders of the SilencesRonicky DooneThe Seventh ManTrailin!The UntamedWay of the LawlessSpinifex and SandThe Hidden ChildrenBetty ZaneThe Border LegionThe Call of the CanyonThe Day of the BeastDesert GoldThe Desert of WheatHeritage of the DesertThe Last of the PlainsmenThe Last TrailLight of the Western StarsThe Lone Star Ranger, a romance of the borderThe Man of the ForestThe Mysterious RiderThe Rainbow TrailThe Redheaded Outfieldand many more...