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Doctor Doolittle Tales Hugh Lofting

Doctor Doolittle Tales

Hugh Lofting

Published 1968
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Hugh Loftings idea of a doctor who can speak the languages of all the Earths species is brilliant. This Scholastic edition doesnt seem to be available anywhere (this copy is from a friends childhood home and originally was 60 cents!), but it seems to a combo of The Story of Doctor Doolittle and The Voyages of Doctor Doolittle. Either way, it contains elements that have stuck in my head since my initial viewing of the original Doolittle movie starring Rex Harrison, namely the Pushmi-Pullyu and and Great Glass Sea Snail. To an adult reader the most striking thing is that the parents of 9-1/2 year old Tommy Stubbins allow him to go live with the town eccentric, but all in all its a book of great imagination and kept me and my young reading partner entertained all the way through.